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Letters and Greetings from Tukuyu – 26.11.2020

Dear Pastor Hauff,

Mwanakondoo ameshinda,….

First of all I would like to apologize for late response to your Email of 4/11/20. Unfortunately we had internet problems since last month, but now it’s ok. Mr. E. Hauff, thank you very much for the summary of what you discussed in the meeting (26/10/2020), already I personally I have received. Because tomorrow is a date for partnership committee to discuss different issues, so  I’ve printed it ready for presentation. I’ll make sure that Mr. S. Kilale (the chairman) & Mr. L. Swebe (the Pastor) get  the copies today. Then as a partnership committee, will text you a summary of our meeting. Lastly let me say thank you very much for your effort and every thing you do for the survival of our partnership, “Bwana akubariki sana”

Greetings Paul Mwakajange

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