TheĀ Schubart Gymnasium in Ulm has the Mabonde Primary School in Tanzania as his partner school. They support the Mabonde Primare School to buy tables, chairs ans different school materials. The partnership between the Mabonde Primary school in Tukuyu and the Schubart-Gymnasium in Ulm began after the visit of Roda M. with the partnership group from Tukuyu in 2009. Roda M. is a teacher in Mabonde-school. First contacts are made through letters. On our Trip 2011 to Tukuyu Gifts from Schubart-Gymnasium were handed over to Mabonde-school. The partnership was strengthened by the visit of Fabian B. (Student in Schubart-Gymnasium) in Mabonde-school. After his graduation he taught there for some weeks. Work in the Mabonde-school is funded by the Scholl Gymnasium in different ways. 2013 the partnership group from Tukuyu was warmly welcomed in Schubart Gymnasium. To stabilize the partnership new students need to be activated. The workgroup Tukuyu-Ulm supports these activities.
TheĀ Hans und Sophie Scholl-Gymnasium in Ulm has the Madaraka School as partner school. The vision is that the schools get in contact between schools, teachers and students. The partnership between Madaraka primary school in Tukuyu and “Hans und Sophie Scholl”-Gymnasium in Ulm began after our partnership visit in Tukuyu in 2011. The contacts by letter and e-mail were prepared. With images and short videos information about different living and learning in Tukuyu and Ulm are exchanged. The partnership group from Tukuyu was warmly welcomed in 2013 in “Hans und Sophie Scholl”-Gymnasium. In the meantime there are very good relations between the UNESCO group in “Hans und Sophie Scholl”-Gymnasium and the Madaraka-school. Work in the Madaraka-school is funded by the “Hans und Sophie Scholl”-Gymnasium in different ways. The partnership group from Ulm brought 2015 Gifts and Greetings from “Hans und Sophie Scholl”-Gymnasium to the teachers and pupils of Madaraka-school. The school partnership is supported by the workgroup Tukuyu-Ulm.