• Jun2022

    The focus of our work in the partnership committee in the year 2022 is the visit of our partners of Tukuyu here in Ulm from the September 25th РOctober 11th The partnership committee and some hosts meet 30st. of May in the congregations centre of Șflingen to prepare this...

  • Dec2021

    Buildings of House of the Sunday-School and of the Nursery-School (Kinder-Garden):

  • The new Kitchen

    December 29, 2021

    The new kitchen building:

  • May2021

    Mountains cannot meet, but people can That people can meet in person, even across borders of continents, experienced the evangelical communities of Erbach, Söflingen, Wiblingen now for 40 years and the community of Dornstadt since 30 years. The initial contact was in 1981. With reciprocal letters initially, a spirited partnership...

  • With ladies and men of the Moravian Church we had the pleasure to spent two relaxed days at lake Nyassa

  • In the Teacher College we discuss schooling systems in Tanzania and Germany with future teachers.   Then we were offered a guided tour of the Tea Factory. The regional tea is processed and marketed.

  • Ikuti Womens function

    May 28, 2021

    We attended a meeting, lasting several days, of about 200 women, women priests and more women active in the church of the area. Many of the women offer their own products on the spot.

  • Georg Kocheise, grammar school teacher of the Scholl Grammer School in Ulm, represented the partnership of schools and acted as liaison officer on our visit to the schools in Tukuyu.

  • The cooking place in the kitchen house. The development of it advanced well.     Joint meal with members of the community. The meal was freshly cooked by the ladies in the kitchen house.   Children of the Sunday School sing and dance for us.   Two choirs of the...

  • After the reception at the Bishops office, we gained insight into the packing station of avocado pears from the in-house cultivation. We also went on a guided tour at the Rungwe Archive and Museum Center. There, students from Dar es Salaam University immerse in the science of history